AzuraCast Installation via Docker

AzuraCast Installation via Docker

Pick a base directory

$ mkdir -p /var/azuracast
$ cd /var/azuracast

Use these commands to download our Docker Utility Script, set it as executable and then run the Docker installation process:

$ curl -fsSL >
$ chmod a+x
$ ./ install


$ cd /var/azuracast
$ ./ update-self
$ ./ update

Enabling HTTPS with LetsEncrypt (auto renew)

$ cd /var/azuracast
$ ./ update-self
$ ./ letsencrypt-create

Change background (custom branding – CSS) {
background: #edecec url('') center center;
background-repeat: no-repeat;
background-color: black;
background-size: cover;

Set public page as user’s landing page: Custom Branding ==> Homepage Redirect URL ==> fill with public page

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