How to Bypass YouTube's Ad Blocker Blockage

Enjoy your favorite videos without interruptions

How to Bypass YouTube's Ad Blocker Blockage


This article is time-sensitive, as of today, 20231027. It may be ineffective by future YouTube blockage methods.

YouTube recently introduced a frustrating feature that detects and blocks users with ad blockers, preventing them from enjoying ad-free content. This can be annoying for those who prefer not to see ads while watching videos. In this blog post, I'll guide you through a method that will automatically bypass this YouTube ad blocker blockage. The best part is, you won't need to disable your ad blocker manually or resort to using incognito windows. This method works seamlessly, so let's get started.

How It Works

Tampermonkey, the Chrome extension, will take care of blocking ads on YouTube. Meanwhile, your ad blocker, as it's disabled only for YouTube, will continue to block ads on other websites.


Before we begin, make sure you have the following two elements ready:

  1. Chrome Extension : Tampermonkey Install it in your Chrome browser. Tampermonkey allows you to run custom scripts in the background, which will be crucial for bypassing YouTube's ad blocker blockage.

  2. User Script : Youtube-Ad-blocker-Reminder-Remover.user.js Click on it, and if everything is functioning correctly, you'll be redirected to Tampermonkey directly. Click "Install".

Configuring Tampermonkey

Once you've completed the above steps, navigate to your Tampermonkey dashboard. You should see a script titled "YouTube Ad Blocker Reminder Remover". Make sure it is enabled.

Bypassing YouTube's Ad Blocker Blockage

Now that the necessary tools are in place, we can bypass YouTube's ad blocker blockage:

  1. Refresh YouTube: If you were previously seeing the ad blocker message on YouTube, refresh the page.

  2. Optional Step: Some users may still encounter the ad block message. In such cases, you can click on your ad blocker extension and disable it for YouTube only. Remember, you should only disable it for YouTube, not all websites.

  3. Refresh Again: After disabling the ad blocker for YouTube, refresh the YouTube page. Magic happens - the ad blocker blockage will no longer be displayed.

Here We Go

This method offers a convenient solution to the YouTube ad blocker blockage, allowing you to enjoy your favorite videos without interruptions.

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