March 22, 2021

Integrate Gmail to Ghost as Email Server

Gmail and Ghost integration

Integrate Gmail to Ghost as Email Server

If you want to send newsletters, or enable member login from Ghost, without using Mailgun, you may want to try Gmail SMTP, which includes 2000 Emails per day for free.

0. Before You Go

Make sure you have:

  • Enable Two-Step Authentication In Gmail
  • Create App Password In Gmail

1. Edit Config file

cd /var/www/ghost
nano config.production.json

In the mail section, fill in as follows:

"mail": {
  "from": "",
  "transport": "SMTP",
  "options": {
    "host": "",
    "service": "Gmail",
    "port": 465,
    "secureConnection": true,
    "auth": {
      "user": "",
      "pass": "your-16-digit-app-password"

2. Ready To Go

Restart Ghost (ghostcli)

ghost restart

After restart, you can set up details in the admin panel from web.

3. Suggestion

Subcribers will read the Gmail as sender. For the purpose of branding, an alternative is to use your own domain email. There are lots of SMTP services such as Mailgun, Zoho, AWS workmail, etc.