Share Proxy Function of ShadowRocket

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Share Proxy Function of ShadowRocket

1. Before you proceed

This is a temporary proxy share, using ShadowRocket App, to let device A to use proxy of device B under the same Wi-Fi. It’s NOT for long term use, for the potential issues of latency, connectivity, stability.

2. Background

Please make sure:

  • Device A and Device B (or C, D, …) are under the same Wi-Fi.
  • Device A (the source of proxy) has ShadowRocket installed.

3. Settings

3.1 Device

  • In ShadowRocket, keep server connected
  • Open Settings - Proxy - Proxy Share
  • Put Enable Share “ON” and write down the IP and Port

3.2 Device B

It’s OK for both iOS and Android. I will take iOS as an example.

  • Open Settings - Wi-Fi
  • Select the circled “i” of your connected Wi-Fi
  • Scroll down and choose Configure Proxy
  • Select Manual
  • Fill in Server and Port as shown in the last step
  • Click save

4. After Setup

As long as you keep device B connected to proxy, device A will take control of the connect routing method of device B (such as config, proxy, direct, scene).

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