Why did I move my site from Wordpress to Ghost

Why did I move my site from Wordpress to Ghost

The website building platform I used to be accustomed to was Wordpress. However, since I learned the Markdown grammar, I found that copying text from the Markdown editor to Wordpress is always prone to problems and cannot smoothly connect the entire writing process. Moreover, because there is no time and energy to design and rebuild the entire theme and expansion kits, it has become piecemeal with things written by others, resulting in some details of the entire platform that cannot be optimized, and redundant grammar hiding in every corner to affect the operation of the platform.

After using Ghost for a few days, the main advantages of Ghost are:

  1. Use node.js to write, smoother on hosts with poor performance
  2. The background writing interface is clean and concise, with full support for Markdown
  3. Fully support custom tags such as Meta & Opengraph
  4. Preview the appearance (cover image, summary) shared to the social network
  5. Support Google MAP customizable template

According to the design philosophy, Ghost is the product of the simplification of the original concept of WordPress. Writing, publishing, sharing, simplifying and smoothly executing the entire process, building a simple and effortless personal blog platform is Ghost’s goal. WordPress has been developed for a long time, with a more complete and mature architecture, strong scalability, and therefore high versatility. It can be used from personal blogs to commercial image websites. But compared with Ghost, it is kinda bloated.

For Markdown Cheat Sheet, please refer to:
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